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Mayors and promoters: for a win-win partnership at the service of the inhabitants (France, FPI)


Housing policies: Should more powers be given to mayors? Of all public policies, housing is probably the one in which decentralisation is the most advanced, and the most effective, which is consistent with the fact that the best able to know a territory and to do so are obviously those who inhabit it. In all [...]

Mayors and promoters: for a win-win partnership at the service of the inhabitants (France, FPI)2019-11-19T11:32:36+01:00

Developers at the heart of the territories


In March, nearly 36,000 mayors will be entrusted by voters with the destiny of as many municipalities for the next six years. In a fragmented political landscape, where new forces are emerging, the municipal majorities will be more composite and will probably require more compromise. In implementing the commitments affirmed during their campaigns, mayors will [...]

Developers at the heart of the territories2019-11-19T11:19:28+01:00

Mayor and developer (France, FPI)


Every one of us feels it, everywhere on the territory: the mayors have slowed down the issuance of building permits, in two years, we lost more than 40,000 permits for collective dwellings on an annual basis. We lack homes for sale Our teams are wondering, our treasuries are suffering and it is all the more [...]

Mayor and developer (France, FPI)2019-11-18T14:18:07+01:00

Lagleize Report on land: ambitious responses to housing needs, vigilance in implementation (France, FPI)


The French Member of Parliament for Haute Garonne, Jean-Luc Lagleize has published its report written at the request of the Government on "controlling the cost of land in construction operations." This document, very rich and nourished by in-depth consultations with local elected representatives and professionals, marks an important step in the reflection on controlling the [...]

Lagleize Report on land: ambitious responses to housing needs, vigilance in implementation (France, FPI)2019-11-18T14:04:42+01:00

+ 22% (France, FPI)


+22% This is the increase in block sales in the third quarter of 2019 compared to the third quarter of 2018, according to the publication on Thursday 14 November of the figures of the Observatory of the FPI. The dynamics within these block sales are different in different markets. Off-plan sales to HLMs are down [...]

+ 22% (France, FPI)2019-11-18T14:07:41+01:00

The new housing market more than ever affected by lack of supply (France, FPI)


The FPI, bringing together real estate developers in France in housing and commercial real estate, publishes the figures for the third quarter of 2019 of its national statistics observatory, barometer of advanced housing indicators in all regions of France, launched in 2010. As has been the case for several quarters, the most worrying finding concerns [...]

The new housing market more than ever affected by lack of supply (France, FPI)2019-11-18T13:55:42+01:00

New housing figures for Q3 2019 (France, FPI)


Since 2009, the FPI has developed its own tool for monitoring the state of the domestic new housing market. Made by and for real estate professionals, recognised by the Public Administration, it relies on the Observatories of the Houses of the FPI and allows a follow-up of the commercial activity answering the needs of the [...]

New housing figures for Q3 2019 (France, FPI)2019-11-18T13:49:01+01:00

To end the myth of large housing (France, FPI)


Developers are often faced with the demand of elected officials to build  more and larger homes. The too small size of housing produced is also a recurring criticism against the support mechanisms for intermediate housing (Pinel ...). On this topic, the FPI has long argued that in the face of changes in our society (decohabitation, [...]

To end the myth of large housing (France, FPI)2019-11-18T14:12:34+01:00

And most importantly, health! (France, FPI)


Like any economic actor, the developer must be an attentive observer of society, to adapt its production to the expectations of its customers. Ageing, shared services, ecological awareness or the digitisation of life and work guide our thinking, and this is legitimate. But an essential dimension remains in the shadows: health. For 82% of French [...]

And most importantly, health! (France, FPI)2019-11-05T11:00:04+01:00

+ 29% (France, FPI)


+ 29% This is the average increase over the past 5 years in the value of residential assets in 40 major global economies according to a study by the British firm of real estate expertise Savills published early October 2019. Meanwhile, in the same panel of global economies, the amount of rents only grew by [...]

+ 29% (France, FPI)2019-11-05T10:56:46+01:00
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