Since 2009, the FPI has developed its own tool for monitoring the state of the domestic new housing market. Made by and for real estate professionals, recognised by the Public Administration, it relies on the Observatories of the Houses of the FPI and allows a follow-up of the commercial activity answering the needs of the professionals.

Since its creation, this tool has collected information on more than half a million transactions and delivers its quarterly analysis of the new housing market in France.

The scope of the FPI Observatory goes well beyond the scope of FPI members alone since it aggregates the data of all providers of collective and individual dwellings grouped in the territories observed (see methodological note at the end of the document).

In constant progression, the coverage rate in 2015 is about 90% of the metropolitan market of new housing (80% in 2011).

The press kit is available here (in French).

The presentation “press conference of 14 November 2019” is available here (in French).

The economic note is available here (in French).