Union Professionnelle du Secteur Immobilier – Beroepsvereniging van de Vastgoedsector (BE)

Union Professionnelle du Secteur Immobilier – Beroepsvereniging van de Vastgoedsector (UPSI – BVS), the Professional Association of Real Estate Sector has a long history dating back to 1956.It brings together developers, builders, and real estate investors in Belgium.

The UPSI – BVS represents its members at a federal and regional level and provides public authorities with strategic advice. It also plays an important role within federal and local committees for territorial planning.

Address: Rue de la Violette 43 1000 Bruxelles
Tel.: + 32 (0)2511 47 90
Fax: +32 (0)2219 71 99
E-mail: info@upsi-bvs.be
Website: www.upsi-bvs.be

Stéphane Verbeeck

Bulgarian Construction Chamber – Камара на строителите в България (BCC)

Bulgarian Construction Chamber – Камара на строителите в България (BCC) is a legal entity established on the grounds of the Chamber of Builders Act.

BCC is an independent, voluntary professional association and an official representative of Builders in Bulgaria.

Address: 1784 Sofia, zh. k. Mladost, 6 Mihail Tenev str., Bulgaria
Tel.: + 359 (0)2 806 29 10
Fax: 02 963 24 25
E-mail: office@ksb.bg
Website: ksb.bg

Fédération des Promoteurs Immobiliers (FR)

Fédération des Promoteurs Immobiliers (FPI), the Federation of Real Estate Developers, dates back to 1971, when two French developers and house builders’ trade unions merged to become the National Federation of Developers and Constructors (FNPC), changing to its current name in 2005.

The FPI is the only professional organization representing private sector developers in France and it is a trusted partner of public administration, government and parliamentarians. It is actively involved in the decision-making process of laws and regulations concerning the different areas of activity of its members.

Address: 106 rue de l'Université 75007 PARIS
Tel.: +33 (0)1 47 05 44 36
Fax: +33 (0)1 47 53 92 73
E-mail: contact@fpifrance.fr
Website: www.fpifrance.fr

Pascal Boulanger

Union Nationale des Aménageurs (FR)

The UNAM is a professional organisation dedicated exclusively to planning. It brings together 300 companies, mostly private, distributed among 14 regional chambers. It assists its Members in fulfilling a mission of general interest to participate in an operational way in the planning of the cities, towns and villages, in consultation with the elected officials and the public authorities.


Address: 5, rue de Vienne / 75 008 Paris / France
Tel.: +33 (0)1 44 20 09 10
Fax: +33 (0)1 44 20 00 79
E-mail: contact@unam-territoires.fr
Website: https://www.unam-territoires.fr/

François Rieussec

Les Constructeurs et Aménageurs de la Fédération Française du Bâtiment (FR)

Les Constructeurs et Aménageurs de la Fédération Française du Bâtiment (LCA-FFB), Builders and Developers of the French Building Federation is the first representative organisation of real estate construction in France. Established on 1 January 2016 from the merger between the French Union of Houses (UMF) and the Union of Real Estate Builders of the FFB (UCI-FFB), it brings together under the same banner three professions of private contracting at the heart of housing policy: builders of single-family homes, real estate developers and land developers. Three complementary and united professions to develop their collective intelligence and their political punch.

Influential spokes-organisation for new real estate, LCA-FFB sheds light on the housing problem for public authorities. It represents more than 1,000 members (who aggregate 1,500 operators in our three business lines, 70% of builders, 30% of promoters and developers) with the national authorities and specialised organizations, in particular within the Superior Council of Construction and Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Building Plan and Construction DNA or the Construction Quality Agency.

Address: 6-14, rue La Pérouse, 75116 PARIS
Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 69 58 40
E-mail: contact@lca.ffbatiment.fr
Website: https://www.lesconstructeursamenageurs.com/

Grégory Monod

Bundesverband Freier Immobilien- und Wohnungsunternehmen (DE)

The BFW, Federal Association of Private Real Estate and Housing Companies, functions as the mouthpiece for private housing and real estate companies and is the political engine for the concerns of its members in Germany. Besides having their interests represented to politicians and administrations, the companies also benefit from the comprehensive service offering of the BFW. Reliable and favorable general conditions are a prime concern in the association’s work. Issues specifically relating to the real estate industry, including technical, planning, economic and environmental matters, are critically scrutinized and constructive solutions for the member companies are tabled in close dialogue with politicians and administrators.

Address: Französische Straße 55 D-10117 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 327 81-0
Fax: +49 (0) 30 32781-2 99
E-mail: office@bfw-bund.de
Website: www.bfw-bund.de

Andreas Ibel

Irish Home Builders Association (IE)

The IHBA provides house builders and developers with the information and knowledge required to operate successfully in today’s complex, fast-changing and increasingly challenging regulatory and business environment.

With the ever changing landscape of the Irish construction industry in mind the CIF, through the IHBA provides a broad range of services designed to support companies engaged in the development and housing sectors, to all members that interface with the statutory planning system and building control systems.

Address: Construction House, Canal Road, Dublin 6 (Ireland)
Tel.: +353 (0)1 406 6000
E-mail: info@cif.ie
Website: https://cif.ie/associations/irish-home-builders-association/

James Benson

Chambre Immobilière du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg (LU)

For nearly 50 years, the Chambre Immobilière of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has been an independent, non-profit organisation. Its main mission is to guarantee quality relations between its members and their clients. The federation brings together 200 real estate professionals, from the three major trades of the sector: real estate agent, trustee of joint ownership / property manager and developer. By signing the charter of the Chambre Immobilière of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, they commit themselves to provide high quality services, aimed at fully satisfying customers, within the framework of a strict code of ethics.

Address: 7, rue Alcide de Gasperi, L-2014 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 439 444 1
E-Mail: reception@clc.lu
Website: www.cigdl.lu

Jean-Paul Scheuren

Malta Developers Association (MT)

Set up in 2011, the Malta Developers Association (MDA) is the highest body and voice of private Real Estate developers in Malta.

The MDA links private real estate developers to the relevant state authorities and to customers through numerous initiatives and activities. In particular, it promotes responsible development and ownership of real estate in Malta through legislative advocacy, educational programs and professional networking opportunities.

Address: Triq I-Orsolini Gwardamangia Pieta’ PTA 1227
Tel.: +356 2142 4485
Fax: + 356 2142 4487
E-Mail: info@mda.com.mt

Sandro Chetcuti

Norwegian Home Builders' Association (NO)

Boligprodusentenes Forening, the Norwegian Home Builders' Association, is the trade organisation for the residential producing companies in Norway. The association has nearly 800 member companies which account for over half of residential construction in the country.

The Association is the leading voice of housing policies in Norway. Its activities are especially geared towards industrial policy issues and development in residential construction. The purpose is to promote quality housing and profitable production.

Address: Middelthunsgt. 270368 Oslo Postbox 7186 Majorstuen 0307 Oslo
Tel.: +47 23 08 75 00
Fax: +47 23 08 75 20
E-mail: post@boligprodusentene.no
Website :http://boligprodusentene.no/bli-medlem/

Dag Runar Båtvik

PolskiZwiazek Firm Deweloperskich (PL) 

Polski Związek Firm Deweloperskich (PZFD) - The Polish Association of Developers founded in 2002 is a nationwide institution bringing together the majority of all developers present on the polish real estate market.

The activity of PZFD focuses mainly on supporting the development of national residential market and recently we are extending our actions on commercial developers. We play an important role in the Polish legislative process, effectively expressing our opinions and influencing regulations.

PZFD has over 200 members.

Address: Plac Trzech Krzyży 10/14, 00-499 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: +48 22 745 01 00
Fax: +48 22 622 53 49
Email: biuro@pzfd.pl
Website: http://www.pzfd.pl/

Grzegorz Kiełpsz

PatronatulSocietatilor din Constructii (RO)

PatronatulSocietatilor din Constructii (PSC), the Ownership of Romanian Constructors, is a nationwide association bringing together companies in the Romanian Construction sector.

As the official partner of the Government and trade unions in the Romanian tripartite social dialogue committees, the PSC represents the interests of its members in this forum as well plays an important role in the Romanian decision-making process of legislation at a national and local level.

Address: 20-22 Alexandrina Street, Block C4, 2nd Floor, Apartment 5, District 1, Bucharest, Romania
Tel: +40-72 613 86 62
E-mail: office@psc.ro
Website: www.psc.ro

Liviu Iulian Simion

Developer and House Builders Association of Zaragoza (ES)

ACPZ is a business organization that represents the interests of developers and home builders based in Zaragoza (Spain) (the fifth city of Spain with 700.000 inhabitants).

ACPZ is member of the Association of Developers and Builders of Spain (APCE) and the National Construction Confederation (CNC) and, through this, of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations(CEOE).

ACPZ enjoys a recognized prestige in its work of advising and defending the business interests of the sector and actively participates in the processes of approval of new regulations.

Address: Plaza de Roma, F-1, Planta 1ª, Ofic Nº 850010 Zaragoza
Tel.: +34 976-325797
Email: info@fecza.es
Website: http://www.construccionaragon.es

José Luis Roca Castillo

Home Builders Federation (GB)

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) is the voice of the home building industry in England and Wales. Its members deliver around 80% of the new homes built each year.

The HBF represents members’ interests in discussions with key decision makers in government and during formal consultation processes, both nationally and regionally, on the issues that affect its members including technical, planning, economic and environmental matters.

Address: 1st Floor 27 Broadwall London SE1 9PL
Tel.: +44 (0)20 7960 1600
Fax: +44 (0)20 7960 1601
Email: info@hbf.co.uk
Website: http://www.hbf.co.uk/

Stewart Baseley