+ 29%

This is the average increase over the past 5 years in the value of residential assets in 40 major global economies according to a study by the British firm of real estate expertise Savills published early October 2019. Meanwhile, in the same panel of global economies, the amount of rents only grew by 13%. While it is for Ireland and Sweden that this decorrelation between the growth of property prices and rents is the highest in Europe, in France, the two trends remain relatively comparable although slightly higher for dwellings. The consequence is a significant increase in households opting to rent their homes. For example, in Europe, over 10 years, the rate of owner households fell from 77% to 75%. This continental trend is against the current trend in France since during this same period the ownership rate went from 61% to 64%. This situation of real estate tension, at the same time on the prices of the goods and on the rental supply, crystallises durably the question of the affordable housing in the political agendas of the European countries.

Source: https://fpifrance.fr/actualites/29