BRUSSELS, 16 December 2019 – The publication of the European Green Deal by the European Commission marks an important moment for the future of the European Union.  Build Europe, the leading pan-European association representing real estate professionals in Europe, fully support the goals set out in the newly released Communication and will gladly work together with the European Commission’s services to ensure a correct implementation of the proposed measures.

Build Europe’s President, Marc Pigeon, said: “The Commission rightfully pointed out that buildings account for 40% of energy consumed in Europe, but also that the annual renovation rate of the building stock is as low as 0.4%.  The secondary market in Europe is ageing and in dire need of renovation.  Those dwellings do not respect the most recent standards set out by the European Union and are problematic in terms of energy-efficiency, but also generates excessive costs, which often penalise the most fragile households.”

For Filiep Loosveldt, Managing Director of Build Europe: “The announced renovation wave proves that the Commission is willing to shift its focus from new to old buildings.  This is the right move, because new buildings are already held up to the highest standards, while old buildings should be renovated to improve their energy-efficiency and to respond to today’s environmental challenges and citizens’ expectations.  We cannot let people live in older, inefficient and sometimes unsecure dwellings.”

Marc Pigeon concludes: “Improving renovation standards for old buildings is in line with our Manifesto, and we are grateful to see the Commission recognises the value of what has been expressed by our Members.  The companies and SMEs we are representing are glad to see that the European Commission is taking into account the full impact of the secondary market on climate change.  Also, if we are given the means, our professions are ready to engage in the renovation of buildings to bring them to performance levels similar to those of new buildings, both for residential buildings and for offices.  We are looking forward to working together with the Commission’s services in moving further its goals and ambitions to tackle climate change.”