Brussels, 16 December 2021 – Build Europe has taken notice of  the publication of the EPBD revision.


Build Europe is positive about the fact that for the next eight years, until 2030, the minimum energy performance requirements for new buildings will not be sharpened, as NZEB would remain the standard. However, Build Europe urges the Commission to recognize that the construction of NZEB buildings is a sustainable action and that it also should qualify that way in the context of the EU Taxonomy. In fact, Build Europe calls for an integrated approach in relation to energy performance of buildings as the EU Taxonomy energy-efficiency requirements are more stringent than the requirements put forward in the review of the EPBD.


Moreover, the Commission should make it possible for Member States NOT to implement the obligation to construct new zero- emission buildings as from 2030 in cases where the cost-benefit analysis over the economic lifecycle of the building in question is negative. And, even if cost-optimality could be reached, it is far from certain that the production, sale, and rent of new dwellings will still be affordable for most of the EU citizens. We therefore urge the Commission to only implement an obligation to construct new zero-emission buildings after positive “affordability checks”. The Commission should introduce or facilitate affordability checks to guarantee housing affordability across the EU at a time when overall prices (including housing prices) are soaring.


Marc Pigeon, President of Build Europe, said “housebuilders want to help the EU become the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050, but recall that, given the current cost of housing compared to household incomes, the cost cannot be borne by our fellow citizens who aspire to access decent and affordable housing. Therefore, as this is a challenge that benefits the whole community, the revision of the EPBD should, at the same time, require from Member States to accompany the new rules with significant subsidies for new construction or renovation-restructuring operations that would contribute to the reduction of the EU’s overall emissions”.


Filiep Loosveldt, Managing Director of Build Europe, added: “Build Europe welcomes the Commission’s call for Member States to promote financial tools (such as energy efficiency loans and mortgages for building renovation or energy performance contracting) but insists that these financial tools are also made available for the construction of new dwellings and not just for renovation operations”.