We are writing to you on behalf of Build Europe, the umbrella association representing national federations and tens of thousands of SMEs and family businesses operating in the development and construction sector right throughout the European Union.

In its Manifesto on housing, Build Europe highlighted the importance of addressing the issues that prevent millions of EU citizens access to affordable quality housing. The COVID-19 outbreak is proving that housing is conducive for the lives of our fellow citizens. In fact, housing is not only a physical place where people live, but it is a dimension essential to the well-being of our population.

During the outbreak, housing became a refuge for everyone, but it has also highlighted the existing inequalities between citizens – in terms of outdoor and indoor space, view, ‘and compact-ability’ of a dwelling – and between territories, as the most densified areas suffered more than the less densified ones.

This unprecedented time of uncertainty forces all of us to guarantee a sufficient housing supply that meets the new aspirations and needs of European citizens, and that is also compatible with their income.

Build Europe and its Members consider housing affordability to be one of the key issues for European citizens and we are reaching out a helping hand to achieve our common goal.

Therefore, we believe it is of utmost importance that all stakeholders are cooperating with each other, each having their own responsibilities. In this context, we would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to a list of key policy proposals with the purpose of providing European citizens with the ability to find housing according to their aspirations in a time when this has become more important than ever before.

Our policy recommendations, that you will find in annex to this letter, focus on the creation of both short-term and long-term measures that would help to alleviate the housing situation for millions of fellow citizens and contribute to meet the current European environmental objectives.

We urge the Commission to take our recommendations in consideration when drafting an exit strategy for the COVID-19 crisis.

We are happy to discuss this further with you and your Cabinet at a time at your disposal.

Marc Pigeon, President of Build Europe

Filiep Loosveldt, Managing Director of Build Europe