Build Europe would like to start 2021 by welcoming the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC), which joined the Association as Observer member.

The Bulgarian Construction Chamber attended several Build Europe’s conferences in 2020, especially during the Covid-19 crisis, and actively cooperated to the creation of the booklet “Housing: A European Challenge”, which was launched successfully during the summer period. Build Europe members had the opportunity to work together with BCC throughout the year and were pleased and excited to accept its application to join Build Europe during the virtual Congress held in November, following an impressive presentation on its activities at the national and EU level.

Build Europe’s membership includes now 15 federations of developers and homebuilders from 12 European countries, representing more than 60% of the EU homebuilding capacities, and – in spite of the difficulties faced by its members in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic – its profile as the key EU representative of the housing sector has been strengthened.

Marc Pigeon, President of Build Europe, welcomed BCC and said: “There is no better way to start the new year than welcoming a new member of our team. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to cooperate with the Bulgarian Construction Chamber in 2020. Having them on board this year means that the voice of Build Europe in the EU institutions will be stronger for the years to come. All our members are thrilled to start working with our Bulgarian colleagues”.

Filiep Loosveldt, Managing Director of Build Europe, said: “This year Build Europe and its members will need to face many challenges and it will be key to cooperate with the European institutions to ensure that important initiatives such as the European Green Deal and the Renovation Wave help the EU to reach their environmental targets without worsening the housing affordability crisis. The presence of BCC in our Board will certainly help Build Europe in developing sustainable solutions at the EU level for the housing needs of millions of homebuyers and tenants”.